Kite School

Happy kite is based in Ateliere Turqoise/Happykite surf shop on the Clifton main street, Union Island,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. We take our students out by boat, choosing the best spot after daily conditions. Below you’ll find some information on the lessons we offer, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.

Kite lessons

Happy kite offers lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced riders wanting to perfect their riding. We offer both private lessons and semi private lessons (two per instructor). Semi private is recommended if you have a friend you would like to learn with, as you also learn to help each other and you will learn a lot from watching your co student.

Learn to fly with us!

Never flown a kite before? No worries, our experienced instructors are ready to share their passion with you. All our instructors wants to make their students have fun, but they know safety comes first.

Complete beginner course

The beginner course consists of 3 sessions. Each session is 3 hrs long (2 if it is a private session). During the first lesson you will learn to set up the kite, safety, and flying the kite. The first lesson takes place in shallow waist deep water so you can fall without getting dragged along the beach. Towards the end of the lesson you will get your first taste of the power of the kite through body dragging, letting the kite pull you through the water without the board.

The second lesson is a body drag/board lesson in deep water. We will take you to Frigatte for this lesson, a butter flat mangrove protected bay. During this and the third lesson we will focus on you riding the board, and becoming an independent and safe kiter. During all our lessons safety is the main focus, closely followed by having fun. Every lesson is boat assisted.

The price is 450 usd/person for a semi-private beginner course (9h total) and 600 usd/person for a private beginner course (9h total). Contact us to book your beginner course today!

Single session

Maybe you started learning somewhere else and never finished……or maybe you haven’t kited in a long time and need a little refresher. Just let us know your level, and we will help you, starting from the level you are at. Single lessons are priced at 150 usd/person semi-private (3h total) and 200 usd/person private (2,5h total). Contact us to book your lesson!

Advanced lesson

Is there a special trick you would like to learn? Our instructor is ready to teach you. You can be as many students as you would like in the advanced lesson, sharing the fee. To take advanced lessons you need to be able to go upwind. The price for the advanced lessons is 100 usd/hour. Contact us to book an advanced lesson!

For sailors

Would you like to learn, but the other guests of the boat would not like to stay long enough by one island? No problem, Happy kite can pick you up at the boat and take you back to the boat, also if it has moved anchorage. Note that depending on the distance, there might be a reasonable extra charge. We can teach on Mayreau in addition to Union Island, and we can also pick up from the Cays and Petit Saint Vincent. We can also pick up guests from all anchorages by Union Island. If you prefer, one of our instructor can come with you on your boat at a fixed daily rate of 250 usd/day (with your own gear) or 400 usd/day (incl full rental gear). Contact us to book!